Four Ways Being a Perfectionist Can Hold You Back at Work

November 28, 2014

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Photo: wordpress

Photo: wordpress


Being a perfectionist at your job can be a good thing, because it means you pay close attention to details.  But there are also ways it can HURT your career.  Here are four ways being a perfectionist can hold you back at work.


1.  You avoid taking risks.  Perfectionists set really high goals for themselves.  Which is good unless you can’t meet those goals and get discouraged.  Because then you start setting safe goals you KNOW you can do perfectly, but they won’t impress anyone.


2.  You’re not flexible enough.  Perfectionists tend to think there’s a clear right and wrong way to do something.  So they’re less likely to find a creative solution for something, or think outside the box.


3.  You take forever to do stuff.  If you’re constantly checking and rechecking your work, it makes you less productive.  And getting stuff done on time is almost always more important than making sure it doesn’t have any typos.


4.  You stress out your co-workers.  Perfectionists set really high standards for OTHER people too.  Which can be a good thing if you’re someone’s boss and it motivates them to do good work.  But not if it makes them hate their job.


Any of these sound like you?



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