The Major U.S. Airlines Ranked by Their Thanksgiving Delays

November 26, 2014

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Some of us are traveling for the holiday weekend during one of the busiest times of the year, and that can cause heavy delays to grandmas pumpkin pie. A website just ranked the seven biggest U.S. airlines based on how LATE they’ve been on flights during the week of Thanksgiving over the past six years.



Here’s the lateness percentage for each airline, from worst to best . . .



1.  JetBlue.  15% late during the week of Thanksgiving, with an average delay of 42 minutes.


2.  Southwest.  15% late, average delay of 40 minutes.


3.  Alaska.  15% late, average delay of 39 minutes.


4.  Delta.  15% late, average delay of 36 minutes.


5.  American. 13% late, average delay of 47 minutes.


6.  U.S. Airways.  12% late, average delay of 31 minutes.


7.  United.  11% late, average delay of 46 minutes.



Source: Gizmodo