Four Weird Ways Stores Trick You Into Buying More Stuff

November 24, 2014

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It’a HUGE holiday shopping week, you should have the upper-hand when it comes to getting some deals while you’re shopping. Check out four weird ways stores trick you into spending more money, just in time before we all go nuts on Black Friday.

1.  They have the mannequins make eye contact with you.  Instead of looking straight ahead, a lot of mannequins are set up so they’re looking at YOU when you walk by.  And without realizing it, you feel obligated to stop and check out what they’re wearing.


2.  They use your sense of smell.  Researchers have found we spend more time shopping if a store smells like flowers or citrus.


3.  They play songs that make you nostalgic.  If you’re in a store’s target age range, the music they play is usually inspired by songs that were popular when you were 18.  Meaning covers of old songs, or songs that just sound similar to stuff that was popular when you were in high school.


4.  They print “sale” signs in RED.  Almost ALWAYS, because studies have shown red lettering subconsciously makes us more excited about a sale.


And one trick for spending LESS is to go shopping ALONE.  When you’re with another person, you spend up to 17% more.


Now get out there and get those deal!



Source: Kiplinger