Four Body Language Mistakes to Avoid at Work

November 17, 2014

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According to the website “Business Insider”, here are four body language mistakes you should avoid at work.


1.  Crossing your arms.  Even if you’re just cold, it makes you look uncomfortable and standoffish, like you don’t want to be there.



2.  Tapping your foot or shaking your leg.  It makes people think you’re either nervous or bored.  Which are never good . . . but especially at work.



3.  Looking upwards when you answer a question.  Subconsciously, it makes the other person think you’re not prepared to answer the question they asked.  Or in other words, you’re incompetent.



4.  The direction your toes are pointing.  If you’re sitting down with your boss and your toes are pointing straight at him, it’s a sign that you’re listening, and what you’re talking about is your top priority, but if they’re pointed away from him, like at the door . . . it means you want to get the hell out of there as fast as possible.



Source: (Business Insider)