What Would You Give Up to Get an Extra Vacation Day?

November 6, 2014

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Photo; glassdoor.com

Photo; glassdoor.com

Just imagine how great it would be if you suddenly were given another paid vacation day.  I mean, even though as an American you probably wouldn’t end up using it, it’d still be pretty cool to have. A new survey asked people what they’d give up for a week to get an extra vacation day.  Here are the results . . .


54% would give up junk food.

48% would give up alcohol.  (Yes, 52% couldn’t last a week WITHOUT it.)

24% would give up sex.

21% would give up their phone.

and 9% would go without showering . . . which is really the only thing on this list that would ACTUALLY be difficult to give up for a week.

The survey also found the average American now gets 15 paid vacation days . . . but only uses 14 of them.  Most European countries get TWICE as many paid vacation days and they take ALL of ’em.



Source: (Yahoo Travel)