Mark Zuckerberg is Donating $25 Million to Fight Ebola

October 15, 2014

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  Facebook founder MARK ZUCKERBERG and his wife Priscilla are donating $25 million to help fight Ebola.  And he announced it, obviously, on Facebook. Mark said, quote, "We need to get Ebola under control in the near term so that it doesn't spread further and become a long term global health crisis that we end… Read More

American Music Awards Nominees

October 14, 2014

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The nominees for this year's "American Music Awards" were announced yesterday, and IGGY AZALEAled the pack with six nominations. AMA nominees are determined using a formula that weighs artists' music sales, prevalence on radio and TV, Internet streams and videos . . . plus, "additional online metrics," which include "social-media activity." As usual, YOU will… Read More

Three Friends You Shouldn't Work Out With

October 13, 2014

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  Working out with a friend is great, but only if it's the RIGHT friend.  According to experts, here are three friends you SHOULDN'T work out with.  1.  Your friend who's in crazy good shape.  Unless you're ALSO in great shape.  A recent study found you're three times more likely to keep working out if… Read More

NeNe Leaks To Replace Joan Rivers?

October 9, 2014

No Comments   ‘The Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ NeNe Leaks recently spoke with EXTRA about her departure from the show, and rumors of her replacing the late Joan Rivers on E!’s Fashion Police. Listen to her spill the beans in the interview.   Read More

Where You Sit in a Restaurant Affects How Much You Eat

October 7, 2014

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According to a recent study out of Cornell, where you sit in a restaurant can actually affect how much you EAT. Researchers observed people at 27 different restaurants across the country.  Here are four things that can subconsciously make you eat LESS, and eat healthier. 1.  Pick a table that's well lit.  It's not clear… Read More

Guy Makes Over $3 Million Making YouTube Videos of Talking Fruit

October 3, 2014

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Here's someone else who's huge on YouTube because of your kids . . . but you've never heard of them.  A guy named DANE BOEDIGHEIMER runs a YouTube channel called the Annoying Orange.  (It's pronounced Bo-dig-high-mer.) He uploads comedy videos that feature different types of talking FRUIT, and uses special effects so they have eyes and… Read More