86% of Americans Take at Least One Selfie a Week

October 29, 2014

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Photo: Huffington Post

Photo: Huffington Post

You probably don’t even flinch anymore when you see someone holding out their phone to take a selfie . . . it’s become completely normal and acceptable.  And that’s because pretty much EVERYONE’S doing it all the time.

A new study found 86% of Americans take at least one selfie a week . . . and one out of three of us take at least three selfies a week.

Here are a few more numbers from the study . . .

People are most likely to include friends in their selfies, ahead of their significant others and kids.

83% of people with pets have taken a selfie with them.

One out of four people take selfies in the car.

70% of people take selfies at home . . . 55% take them on vacation . . . and 38% take them when they’re going out at night.

Are you a slave to the ‘selfie‘?


Source: (PR Newswire)