Top 5 Biggest Fears That People Have

October 25, 2014

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Photo: wordpress

Photo: wordpress

What are some of the things that you worry about daily? Family? Money? Researchers at Chapman University in Southern California just released the results of a national survey.  Here are the top five things we’re afraid of;

1.  Walking alone at night.  20% of people said they feel “not safe at all” doing it.


2.  Identity theft.  19.6% said they’re VERY afraid of it happening to them.


3.  Lack of safety on the Internet.  11% of us feel unsafe when we’re online.


4.  Mass shootings.  8.9% said they’re legitimately afraid they could be a victim.


5.  Public speaking.  8.8% of us are “very afraid” of doing it.


The survey also asked what people WORRY about the most, which is slightly different;

For that question, the top five answers were:  Identity theft . . . companies tracking our Internet activity . . . running out of money . . . the GOVERNMENT tracking Internet activity . . . and coming down with a serious illness.


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