Three Friends You Shouldn't Work Out With

October 13, 2014

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Working out with a friend is great, but only if it’s the RIGHT friend.  According to experts, here are three friends you SHOULDN’T work out with.

 1.  Your friend who’s in crazy good shape.  Unless you’re ALSO in great shape.  A recent study found you’re three times more likely to keep working out if you do it with someone who’s about the SAME age, weight, and fitness level.


 2.  Your friend who always yells stuff like, “You’ve got this!”  Researchers at Michigan State University had people hold a yoga pose, and timed them.

It turned out they actually held the pose longer WITHOUT someone saying things like, “You can do it” or “Keep it up.”  Because even though the person is trying to encourage you, they sounded patronizing instead, and make it harder to focus.


3.  Your friend who HATES working out.  Researchers at the University of New Hampshire found that when they asked people for a positive memory about exercise, they were much more likely to go to the gym in the next week.

The opposite was true when they asked for a negative memory.  So the idea is that if you always work out with someone who talks about how TERRIBLE the gym is, YOU’LL start feeling negative about it, and then you’ll stop going.


Source: Men’s Health