Oct 31

Five Random Facts About Halloween



Here are some random facts about Halloween . . .


1.  The final numbers are in, and the costume that got the most searches in the U.S., U.K., and Australia was . . . “Frozen” costumes.  Zombie came in second, followed by ninja, pirate, and clown.

2.  53% of parents with kids under 10 say their kids would rather get CASH than candy on Halloween.

3.  The word “boo” originated in Scotland in the 1700s, and was defined as, quote, “a word that’s used to frighten crying children.”

4.  Illinois produces the most pumpkins of any state in the U.S., by far.  The rest of the top five are California, Ohio, Michigan, and New York.

5.  Pumpkin pie is America’s second-favorite pie, behind apple pie.  The rest of the top five are pecan, banana cream, and cherry.


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Oct 30

Artist Profile: Tinashe


Photo: celebmafia.com

Photo: celebmafia.com

Tinashe Jorgensen Kachingwe is a singer-songwriter, dancer, actress and former model. Her name means “God Is With Us” in her father’s native language, Shona, from Zimbabwe.Raised in Los Angeles, California, she began her entertainment career at the age of 3 when she began modeling and acting. Tinashe, is known for her recurring role on the sitcom Two and a Half Men, in which she appeared during the sixth and seventh seasons.  In 2012 Tinashe released two critically acclaimed mixtapes In Case We Die (2012) and Reverie (2012) which she created in her home studio. After the release of the mixtapes, Tinashe signed with RCA Records. She released her third mixtape Black Water (2013) and released her debut solo album Aquarius, on October 7, 2014.

On January 13, 2014, Tinashe released “2 On”, a song featuring American rapper Schoolboy Q and produced by DJ Mustard, as the first single from her debut album.  The song entered the US Billboard Hot 100 chart at number 89 and has since peaked at number 24. “Aquarius” debuted at number 17 on Billboard 200. See more about her HERE and check out the young superstar do her thing!

Source: MTV Wikipedia

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Oct 29

86% of Americans Take at Least One Selfie a Week

Photo: Huffington Post

Photo: Huffington Post

You probably don’t even flinch anymore when you see someone holding out their phone to take a selfie . . . it’s become completely normal and acceptable.  And that’s because pretty much EVERYONE’S doing it all the time.

A new study found 86% of Americans take at least one selfie a week . . . and one out of three of us take at least three selfies a week.

Here are a few more numbers from the study . . .

People are most likely to include friends in their selfies, ahead of their significant others and kids.

83% of people with pets have taken a selfie with them.

One out of four people take selfies in the car.

70% of people take selfies at home . . . 55% take them on vacation . . . and 38% take them when they’re going out at night.

Are you a slave to the ‘selfie‘?


Source: (PR Newswire)

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Oct 28

10 Things That Shorten Your Life

Photo: tinyshift.com

Photo: tinyshift.com

Here are 10 things you’re doing that might be SHORTENING your life.  Happy Wednesday!


1.  You’re single.  Studies show that being single for long periods of time could shave a decade off your lifespan.

 2.  You sit for long periods of time.  Researchers found that if you sit for over three hours a day, you’re cutting a few years off your lifespan.  And that ratio just increases the more hours you spend sitting.

 3.  You don’t have a lot of friends.  People with weak social connections die at higher rates.  Experts found that being lonely can be as bad for your health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

And elderly people with a TON of friends are 22% less likely to go.

 4.  You watch a lot of TV.   This is bad news for binge-watchers over age 25.  Every hour of TV you watch supposedly reduces your lifespan by 21 minutes.  Go ahead and do the math . . . if that’s not too depressing.

 5.  You eat unhealthy.  Obviously.  But you might not know that eating red meat can shorten your life by 20% if you eat extra portions.

 6.  You’re unemployed.  Not having a job can increase your risk of premature death by 63%.

 7.  You don’t get the big O enough.  Basically, if you’re not getting any, you’re 50% more likely to die than the people who are getting lucky.

 8.  You put up with annoying co-workers.  Luckily, whether or not your BOSS supports you is NOT a factor in your mortality.  But people with strong social support at work from their OTHER co-workers tend to live longer.

 9.  Your sleep is messed up.  If you get less than five hours or more than NINE hours, your life expectancy decreases.

 10.  You fear death.  The fear of a shortened lifespan is called “thanatophobia” . . . and it can actually CAUSE you to have a shortened lifespan.


Source: (Huffington Post)

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Oct 27

There’s an App That Donates to an Animal Shelter Every Time You Walk Your Dog

Photo: queenofpaws.com

Photo: queenofpaws.com

If you’re a dog owner, there’s a way to donate to charity without actually spending any money . . . and you don’t have to do anything you’re not already doing. There’s a new, free app called “Walk for a Dog” that uses the GPS on your phone to track how far you walk your dog.  Then it donates a certain amount of money to an animal shelter, depending on how far you walk. The money comes from sponsorship deals and ads, and you can raise anywhere from 10 to 25 cents per mile.

About 100,000 people have already downloaded it . . . gone on 800,000 walks . . . and raised over $10,000.  And the best part is you get to CHOOSE where the money goes.  There’s an option where you can search for shelters in your area. To check it out, just go to WoofTrax.com and click “Get the App”.  Or search for “Walk for a Dog app” online.

Source: (San Francisco Chronicle / WoofTrax.com)

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Oct 25

Top 5 Biggest Fears That People Have

Photo: wordpress

Photo: wordpress

What are some of the things that you worry about daily? Family? Money? Researchers at Chapman University in Southern California just released the results of a national survey.  Here are the top five things we’re afraid of;

1.  Walking alone at night.  20% of people said they feel “not safe at all” doing it.


2.  Identity theft.  19.6% said they’re VERY afraid of it happening to them.


3.  Lack of safety on the Internet.  11% of us feel unsafe when we’re online.


4.  Mass shootings.  8.9% said they’re legitimately afraid they could be a victim.


5.  Public speaking.  8.8% of us are “very afraid” of doing it.


The survey also asked what people WORRY about the most, which is slightly different;

For that question, the top five answers were:  Identity theft . . . companies tracking our Internet activity . . . running out of money . . . the GOVERNMENT tracking Internet activity . . . and coming down with a serious illness.


Sources: (Yahoo / Chapman.edu / NY Times)


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Oct 25

Iggy Azalea Wants You To “Beg For It”


The hits just keep on coming with Aussie rapper Iggy Azalea. Her latest single ‘Beg For It’ features up-and-coming Danish singer MO., an it’s guaranteed to be a hit! The song is the lead single on the re-release of her debut album The New Classic: Reclassified, which is due out November 24th. Listen to  her boast and brag, and more than likely make you ‘beg for it’.


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Oct 24

Athlete Mo’ne Davis Has A Message For Everyone

Photo: NY Post

Remember that name…Mo’ne Davis. The 13 year-old from Philadelphia became the first female pitcher to win a game at the Little League World Series, now has a Chevy ad to inspire us all. The heart-felt message doesn’t pitch the car brand, but pulls on the heart-strings of America.

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Oct 21

Kris Jenner Says the Bruce Jenner Sex Change Rumors are “Silly”

Photo: her.ie

Photo: her.ie

KRIS JENNER would like you to know that her estranged husband BRUCE is NOT becoming a woman.  On the “Today” show yesterday, she said the rumors are “silly” . . . adding, quote, “They’ve been saying that since the ’70s.”Kris also pretended she had no idea who Bruce is dating right now . . . despite rumors that she’s FURIOUS at him for hooking up with her best friend. She said, quote, “I just want him to be happy, I don’t care who he goes out with.  And I don’t know who he’s dating, he doesn’t check in with me.”




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Oct 20

Three Ways To Maximize Your Phone’s Battery

Photo: nerdtravels.com

If you’ve ever wondered why your cell phone doesn’t last as long as it’s supposed to, here are three tips from Gizmodo.com to help you take better care of it.

1.  Keep topping it off throughout the day.  Some people think a cell phone battery has a “memory,” and that you should run it all the way down, and “teach” it its capacity.  But that’s only for nickel-based batteries . . . cell phones have lithium-ion batteries.

Letting a phone battery go to zero is actually DANGEROUS . . . it can get chemically unstable.  But it ALSO doesn’t like being FULLY CHARGED.  So the way to maximize battery life is to top it off as often as possible, and keep it between 40% and 80%.

2.  Keep it cool.  The warmer your phone gets, the more capacity your battery loses.  At 77 degrees Fahrenheit, a lithium-ion battery loses 20% of its capacity every year.  And if you carry your phone in your pocket, it’s probably hotter than that all day long.

Women do better when they carry their phone in a purse.  Guys COULD go back to carrying their phone on a belt clip, but . . . no.  So at the very least never leave your phone in the car, or sitting on a table or countertop that’s in direct sunlight.

3.  Don’t charge it wirelessly.  Wireless charging mats get pretty hot after a while.

 But overall, there’s really no need to worry about battery life.  Even if you abuse your battery, it’ll still last for two years with SOME capacity left over.  And by then you’ll be upgrading anyway. 


Source: Gizmodo.com

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