[Movie Trailer] "The Boy Next Door"

September 9, 2014

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Jennifer Lopez heats up the screen in this thriller that also co-stars Sacramento native Ryan Guzman. Premise; Shortly after her divorce, a woman falls for handsome younger man who just moved in across the street, though their torrid affair that takes an obsessive, dangerous turn. Look for this to hit theaters January 2015, but in… Read More

Did Kim Kardashian & Kanye Make A Sex Tape?

September 8, 2014

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  It's hard to call KIM KARDASHIAN'ssex tape a "mistake".  It made her entire family multimillionaires, and really, the negative effect on her at this point is completely negligible.  But still, you'd THINK she'd never do that again. Addressing the original tape in Britain's "GQ", she said, quote, "I was 22 years old . .… Read More

15 Interesting Facts About '80s Movies

September 2, 2014

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  The unstoppable list makers at Buzzfeed.com put together a list of 68 facts from various '80s movies.  Some you probably already knew.  But here are a few you probably didn't.   The cake in the final scene of "Sixteen Candles" was made out of CARDBOARD. John Cusack almost got the part of Bender in… Read More