What Habit in the Bedroom Bothers You the Most?

September 16, 2014

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Is it even possible to share a bedroom with someone who doesn’t do at least ONE thing that drives you CRAZY?  Someone call science and get them to work on that.  Until they do, we’ll talk about this .  A new survey asked people to name their significant other’s bedroom habit that bothers them the most.  Here are the top 10;


1.  Eating in bed.

2.  Leaving a mess on their nightstand.

3.  Smoking in bed.

4.  Using a laptop or iPad in bed instead of talking.

5.  Snoring.

6.  Working in bed.

7.  Stealing the covers.

8.  Leaving clothes on the floor.

9.  Ignoring basic hygiene.

10.  Talking in their sleep.