What's the Most "American" City in America?

August 30, 2014

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Photo: Voteforaday.com

A new list ranked 366 U.S. cities from most American to least American . . . based on how their demographics, income, and housing compare to the entire country. Unfortunately it’s not based on stuff like the number of fireworks stores or people with bald eagle tattoos . They based it on how a city’s demographics, income, housing, and education compare to the entire U.S.

The ten most American cities are:

Nashville, Tennessee

Cincinnati, Ohio

Indianapolis, Indiana

Charleston, South Carolina

Jacksonville, Florida

Greenville, South Carolina

Oklahoma City



Winston-Salem, North Carolina


The ten LEAST American cities are:

McAllen, Texas

Boulder, Colorado

Altoona, Pennsylvania

Brownville, Texas

Yuma, Arizona

Ames, Iowa

Johnstown, Pennsylvania

Laredo, Texas

Barnstable, Massachusetts

El Centro, California