Four Good Things About Being Single

August 25, 2014

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Here are a few benefits of staying single:  You spend four-to-five hours less doing CHORES every week . . . you get 30 more minutes of sleep a night . . . and you don’t have to lie about your finances, which 35% of couples who combine finances admit they’ve done. If you had a bad date over the weekend, this might make you feel better.  Here are four benefits of still being single.


1.  You spend four-to-five hours less on chores every week.  According to a study at the University of Michigan, single women do 13 hours of chores a week, compared to 17 for married women.  For single guys it’s 9 hours, and 14 hours for married men.

2.  You’re more rested.  Single people get almost 30 minutes of extra sleep a night, on average, partly because they don’t have to share a bed with another person.

3.  You’re more likely to do well at work.  One study looked at the careers of scientists, and found that the ones who stayed single longer ended up peaking later in life.  And female scientists who have their doctorate are twice as likely to be single.

Although, those could probably both be seen as negatives too.

4.  You can spend your money however you want to.  A recent study found that 35% of couples who combine finances admit they’ve LIED about something they bought, or hidden something about their finances.