The Internet Goes Crazy Over #FelonCrushFridays

June 21, 2014

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Photo Courtesy: KCRA

The thirst is real folks….the lack of moral standards has supporters on the internet celebrating criminals, despite their felons, robberies, etc., all because you have the looks of a model. This of course, all because of Jeremy Meeks, whose mugshot hit the internet yesterday and caused a viral frenzy. Not only were there groups on the internet raising money to free Mr. Meeks, whose bond was set at 900K, it’s no surprise that the hashtag #FelonCrushFridays is trending worldwide! This is the land of second chances, no matter what your circumstances are, ergo Chris Brown, Robert Downey Jr., and a countless list of others. Click HERE to see a bevy of mugshots for #FelonCrushFridays. Hashtag #thirsty.