Six Benefits Of A Long-Distance Relationship

June 3, 2014

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Sometimes there are BENEFITS to being in a long-distance relationship.  You become a better communicator . . . you learn to be independent . . . you develop the non-physical aspects of the relationship . . . and you get to travel a lot. Right? For most people, a long-distance relationship means the beginning of the end.  But sometimes it’s a GOOD thing . . . if you put work into it.  Here are the six unexpected benefits of being in a long-distance relationship.

1.  If you get through it, your relationship can survive anything.  Not many things make a relationship harder than living far apart.  So if you handle it, and all the trust issues involved, you know you’re ready for almost anything.

2.  You become a better communicator.  People who live apart have MEANINGFUL conversations more often.  When they get a chance to talk, they make it count.

3.  You learn to be independent.  We all hate friends who get in a relationship and suddenly can’t do ANYTHING without their significant other.  People who live apart get plenty of “me” time . . . and there’s no one around to guilt trip you.

4.  You get really good at planning things.  When you have to schedule a call just to say goodnight before bed . . . you become a good planner in a hurry.

5.  The relationship goes beyond sex.  The non-physical stuff is what makes relationships last . . . and when you’re apart, you’re forced to focus on it.

6.  You get to travel.  When you finally see someone long distance, you do things to make it memorable . . . the stuff normal people never get around to.