Random Facts Of The Week

May 24, 2014

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Photo Courtesy: Unusualblogs.com

Have you ever seen information somewhere and thought, “I didn’t know that”, or “I could care less”. Check here weekly for your fill or either useless, or helpful information to make your day complete. YOU’RE WELCOME!

1.  Thomas Jefferson was chosen to write the Declaration of Independence over Benjamin Franklin . . . because the other members of the committee were afraid Franklin would sneak in a joke.

2.  The best way to avoid going bald is . . . castration.  As long as you have your testes removed BEFORE you start going bald, you won’t lose your hair.  If you get them removed after you start losing hair, you won’t grow back what you lost.

3.  Approximately 2% of people have a gene that makes it so their armpits don’t smell, even without deodorant.

4.  The average WNBA salary this year is about $72,000, and across the league all the salaries add up to about $10.4 million . . . and Kobe Bryant alone made ALMOST THREE TIMES that this season.

5.  The first speeding ticket was given out 115 years ago in Manhattan . . . to a cab driver who was doing 12 miles-per-hour in an eight-mile-an-hour zone.