Oct 24

Five Random Facts For Monday



Here are some random facts for you . . .


1.  Mercury is the closest planet to the sun, but Venus gets hotter, because its atmosphere traps and holds heat.



2.  Miss Piggy and the Phillie Phanatic were created by the same person.  Her name is Bonnie Erickson, and she had a design company that made mascots.  And eventually she ended up working for JIM HENSON.



3.  The first escalator was an amusement park ride in Coney Island, New York in 1896.



4.  The oldest socks ever discovered are from between 300 and 500 A.D. . . . and they were designed to be worn with sandals.



5.  Snapple’s Apple Juice doesn’t have any apple in it . . . they use pears to simulate the taste of apple.



(Planets For Kids / Jim Henson Legacy / Untapped Cities / Wikipedia / The Consumerist)


Oct 21

The Ten Weirdest Sick Day Excuses People Used This Year



Career Builder just released its annual list of the most ridiculous sick day excuses people have come up with in the past year.  Here’s the top ten . . .


1.  A guy claimed the ozone made his tires go flat.


2.  A guy said he had to be a pallbearer at the funeral of his wife’s cousin’s PET.


3.  A woman said she couldn’t get out of her house, because the police were raiding it.


4.  A woman wouldn’t cancel her hair appointment, because her roots were showing.


5.  Someone said they accidentally ate cat food instead of tuna and got sick.


6.  A woman called in and said SHE wasn’t sick, but her llama was.


7.  A woman claimed she used Nair on her armpits . . . ended up with chemical burns . . . and couldn’t put her arms down.


8.  Someone said they couldn’t come in because they ate too much birthday cake.


9.  A guy said he couldn’t make it in because he was bowling the game of his life.


10.  An employee claimed they had to stay home, because they got bitten by a duck.



The survey also found 35% of us have faked a sick day in the past year.  28% just didn’t feel like going in . . . 27% had a doctor’s appointment . . . 24% needed to relax . . . 18% wanted to sleep in . . . and 11% needed to run errands.




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Oct 20

Women Are Angrier Drivers Than Men

Memorial Day Travel Expected To Rise With Lower Gas Prices


You think of men as being the ANGRIER gender, but apparently, when it comes to road rage, WOMEN are the lunatics.  So men are better at something driving related than women?  I did NOT see that coming.



A new study found women get 12% ANGRIER than men in different scenarios in the car.

Women get 14% angrier than men at backseat drivers . . . 13% angrier at people who don’t use turn signals . . . and between 10% and 12% angrier when people pass them, shout at them, or honk at them.

The study also found ANOTHER way that men are softer in the car.  29% of men said they’re more likely to open up and have a meaningful conversation when they’re driving, and 14% said it even makes them a better driver.



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Oct 19

What “How To” Question Does Each State Google More Than Anyone Else?


Whenever you wanna know how to do ANYTHING, your first instinct is probably to type it in Google.  But all that weird stuff you’ve been asking doesn’t go unnoticed. Estately.com just did a study on Google searches to see which “how to” questions each state asks more than anyone else.  Here are eight of our favorites . . .


1.  People in Texas are most likely to ask “How to sell your soul.”


2.  People in Kansas ask “How to find Kansas.”


3.  People in Ohio ask “How to make fire.”


4.  People in New York ask “How to explain mansplaining.”  That’s quite a paradox.


5.  People in Rhode Island ask “How to make an igloo.”


6.  People in Florida ask “How to get out of Florida.”


7.  People in Arizona ask “How to join the Illuminati.”


8.  And people in Indiana ask Google “How to Google something.”






(Here are more questions every state disproportionately asks.)

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Oct 18

The 26 Best ’90s TV Catchphrases


E! News has a list of ‘The 26 Best ’90s TV Catchphrases,” and it’s very heavy on “Full House”, “The Simpsons”, and “Seinfeld” . . . as you’d expect.  Here it is . . .


1.  “D’oh!” . . . Homer on “The Simpsons”


2.  “How you doin’?” . . . Joey on “Friends”


3.  “Have mercy!” . . . Jesse on “Full House”


4.  “Excellent” . . . Mr. Burns on “The Simpsons”


5.  “The truth is out there” . . . the slogan from “The X-Files”


6.  “How rude!” . . . Stephanie on “Full House”


7.  “You got it, dude” . . . Michelle on “Full House”


8.  “Yadda, yadda, yadda” . . . from “Seinfeld”


9.  “Schwing!” . . . the “Wayne’s World” sketch on “Saturday Night Live”


10.  “Don’t have a cow, man!” . . . Bart on “The Simpsons”


11.  “Whoa!” . . . Joey on “Blossom”


12.  “Did I do that?” . . . Steve Urkel on “Family Matters”


13.  “We’re not worthy” . . . “Wayne’s World”


14.  “Oh my God, they killed Kenny!” . . . from “South Park”


15.  “Eat my shorts!” . . . Bart on “The Simpsons”


16.  “It stinks!” . . . from “The Critic”


17.  The grunt “Uuueegghh” . . . Tim on “Home Improvement”


18.  “Serenity now!” . . . George’s dad Frank on “Seinfeld”


19.  “Oh, Mylanta” . . . from “Full House”


20.  “Cut. It. Out.” . . . Joey on “Full House”


21.  “Make it so” . . . from “Star Trek: The Next Generation”


22.  “Isn’t that special” . . . the “Church Lady” sketch on “SNL”


23.  “I’m the baby, gotta love me” . . . Baby Sinclair on “Dinosaurs”


24.  “Resistance is futile” . . . from “Star Trek: The Next Generation”


25.  “Is that your final answer?” . . . Regis on “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”


26.  “Hello, Newman” . . . Jerry on “Seinfeld”




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Oct 17

The 10 Rudest Things You Can Do When You’re a Guest in Someone’s House


You don’t want to get a reputation as being a rude guest, because then people will stop inviting you to their parties.  Unless you find those parties boring and awkward . . . then this is more like a how-to guide. A new survey found the 10 rudest things you can do when you’re a guest in someone’s house.  Check ‘em out . . .


1.  Messing around on your phone.


2.  Asking for the WiFi password.


3.  Wearing shoes on the carpet without asking first.


4.  Looking in the bedrooms without permission.


5.  Looking in their fridge.


6.  Showing up empty handed.


7.  Helping yourself to food without asking.


8.  Putting your feet on the furniture.


9.  Turning down food when they offer it.


10.  Bringing your dog along without asking first.



(Daily Mail)

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Oct 14

75% of Women Want to Pick Out Their Own Engagement Ring


There was a survey this week about the top 10 ways guys mess up marriage proposals.  Now here’s how they can get it RIGHT.  And the good news is you might not even have to worry about picking out a ring. A new survey talked to 2,000 single women, and 75% said they’d rather pick out the ring THEMSELVES.  So guys should either use a stand-in, or no ring at all.  Here are five more stats that are kind of interesting . . .

1.  A third of the women who wanted to pick out their own ring said it was because the guy would totally botch it, and buy something they hated.



2.  About 95% of women said they want a diamond.  Only 5% said they want something else, like a ruby or an emerald.  And the average woman expects you to spend just over $1,200 on it.



3.  The ideal amount of time you should date before you propose is 25 months . . . so just over two years.



4.  25% of women said they might say NO to a proposal if it wasn’t good enough.



5.  Less than 20% of women said they have the “perfect proposal” pictured in their mind.  So the good news is most women AREN’T expecting you to be perfect, and they’re okay with a little spontaneity.



(All Speeches / Daily Mail / The Star)

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Oct 13

The 10 Things Americans Fear Most

Photo: opnlttr.com

Photo: opnlttr.com

You’d think a survey about “things Americans fear” in October would have monsters and ghosts.  But I guess this year we’ve got too many REAL things to focus on.  Like actual sightings of scary clowns. Here are the 10 things Americans fear most, according to a new survey by Chapman University in Southern California.


1.  Corrupt government officials, 61% of us are afraid of it.


2.  Terrorist attacks, 41%.


3.  Not having enough money for the future, 40%.


4.  Being a victim of terror, 39%.


5.  Government restrictions on guns and ammo, 39%.


6.  The people you love dying, 38%.


7.  Economic or financial collapse, 38%.


8.  Identity theft, 37%.


9.  People you love getting seriously ill, 36%.


10.  Obamacare, 36%.



(USA Today)

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Oct 12

The 10 Worst Halloween Candies to Get Trick-or-Treating

Photo: Readers Digest

Photo: Readers Digest

Do you have deep emotional scars from bad Halloween candy you got as a kid?  It sounds crazy . . . but I’ll never forget when I sat down after trick-or-treating, and tried Milk Duds for the first time.  Never again.

Mashable.com put together a list of the worst Halloween candy to get when you’re trick-or-treating.  It’s totally subjective, but it’s hard to argue with a lot of their picks.  Here are the top 10 . . .

1.  Necco Wafers.


2.  Smarties.  That’s two “chalk-y” items in the top two spots.


3.  Candy buttons.


4.  Candy corn.


5.  Brach’s Pumpkins.  Those are the little pumpkin versions of candy corn.


6.  Dum Dums lollipops.


7.  Tootsie Rolls.


8.  Hot Tamales.


9.  Laffy Taffy, specifically the banana flavor.


10.  Twizzlers.




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Oct 11

Five Subtle Signs You’re Good in Bed



A recent survey found 75% of people think they’re above average in bed.  Which statistically can’t be true.  But here are five subtle signs you MIGHT actually be better than average in the sack . . .

1.  You’re empathetic.  If you pay attention to other people’s feelings and needs in general, you probably do it in bed too.


2.  You’re a good kisser.  Some people are naturally good at it, and some people learn how to be.  But if you’re NOT a good kisser, then you’re probably not great at all the other stuff either.


3.  You’re spontaneous.  It’s a sign you don’t get stuck in the habit of doing the same thing all the time.  Being spontaneous and willing to try new things usually makes you better in bed.


4.  You’re confident.  Most people agree confidence is sexy.  Which doesn’t necessarily mean you’re confident in bed, but it does tend to carry over.


5.  You’re good with animals.  Or more specifically, you’re good at petting them.  Some people get a little too rough with cats and dogs, because they don’t pay attention to what they want.  Meaning they might not pay attention to what YOU want either.




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