Mar 27

Coke Is the Most Popular Soda of All Time . . . Pepsi Barely Made the Top Ten



What’s the best soda of all time?  About 185,000 people took an online poll, and COCA-COLA took the top spot . . . while Pepsi barely even made the top ten.  Even Cherry Coke ranked higher.  Here are the top ten sodas . . .


1.  Coca-Cola.


2.  Dr. Pepper.


3.  Sprite.


4.  Mountain Dew.


5.  A&W Root Beer.


6.  7 Up.


7.  Orange Crush.


8.  Cherry Coke.  Cherry Pepsi came in 31st.


9.  Canada Dry Ginger Ale.


10.  Pepsi.



A few more notables are Barq’s Root Beer at #11 . . . Mountain Dew Code Red at #19 . . . RC Cola at #26 . . . Mello Yello at #27 . . . and Diet Dr. Pepper at #36.




Mar 23

Five Practical Things to Bring Someone Who’s in the Hospital

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Someone who was recently laid up in a hospital posted a list on Reddit of things they wish people had brought them.  Apparently they got a lot of flowers, which was great.  But they wish they’d gotten some practical stuff too.


Here are five suggestions they came up with . . .



1.  Moisturizer.  They had to wash their hands a lot, so they got pretty dry.  And the air was dry too, so they also wish they’d had chapstick.



2.  A really long phone charger.  Like one of those ten-foot ones, so they can still use their phone while it’s charging.



3.  Gift cards for any restaurants nearby that deliver.  Some hospitals DO allow it.  Just check with their nurse or doctor first, because they might be on a special diet.  Another thing they wish they’d had were condiment packets.



4.  Anything to keep them entertained.  Like a book, a deck of cards, or an iPad they can borrow to watch Netflix.



5.  A sleep mask and ear plugs.  The beeping from the machines gets annoying.  And sometimes nurses do their rounds at odd hours, like 3:00 AM.  So it’s hard to sleep.



They also said it can get pretty lonely and depressing when you’re in the hospital for a while.  So getting cards, phone calls, and just having people visit was huge.




Mar 22

Five Common Phrases People Get Wrong All the Time



Do you know anyone who says “supposably” instead of “supposedly”?  The first one is wrong, so they look as dumb as Joey from “Friends”.  But if you point it out, YOU feel like a jerk.


Here are five more common phrases we get wrong all the time . . .



1.  “For all intensive purposes.”  It’s really “for all INTENTS and purposes.”  The other way is like saying, “for all these very thorough purposes.”  Which doesn’t make sense.



2.  “Nip it in the butt.”  The correct phrase is “nip it in the BUD,” like a flower bud.  The other way makes it sound like you want to BITE someone’s butt.



3.  “One in the same.”  If you say it like that, it doesn’t make sense.  The real phrase is, “one AND the same,” which means two things are alike.



4.  “Case and point.”  The correct way to say it is, “case IN point.” It’s like saying, “Here’s an example of the point I’m trying to make.”



5.  “I could care less.”  If you say it like that, you’re really saying you DO care about something.  The correct phrase is, “I COULDN’T care less.”



Here’s one more weird one:  “You’ve got another thing coming” is technically wrong.



The original phrase was, “If that’s what you think, you’ve got another THINK coming.”  We dropped the first part a long time ago, and now everyone says “thing.”  So in that case, you sound like an idiot if you say it RIGHT.



(Business Insider)

Mar 20

Five Random Facts For Monday



Here are some random facts for you . . .


1.  The official national sport of Turkey is grease wrestling.  Two guys cover themselves in olive oil and win the match by pinning their opponent or lifting him up and carrying him three steps.



2.  Eleanor Roosevelt refused to let a Secret Service member travel with her when she was First Lady . . . she just carried a pistol.



3.  The guy who invented cotton candy was a dentist from Tennessee.



4.  The best-selling video game in history is “Tetris” . . . by far.  Across all its versions, it’s sold at least 143 million copies.  “Wii Sports” is second, at 82 million.



5.  Until the 1940s, baby boys were dressed in pink and baby girls were dressed in blue.  Pink was for boys because it was considered a STRONGER color . . . blue was for girls because it was considered more delicate and dainty.



(Wikipedia Slate / NIH / Wikipedia / Smithsonian)

Mar 17

Six Stats About St. Patrick’s Day 2017


Here are some random stats about St. Patrick’s Day.  56% of us will celebrate it this year . . . 83% will wear green . . . we’ll spend an average of $38 . . . and worldwide, we’ll drink about 13 million pints of Guinness.


FULL STORY:  Before you get too drunk to remember these, here are six random stats about St. Patrick’s Day . . .



1.  56% of us are planning to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year.



2.  83% of those people will wear green.



3.  We’ll spend a total of $5.3 BILLION celebrating it this year . . . or about $38 per person.



4.  Worldwide, we’ll drink 13 million pints of Guinness today.



5.  We’ll eat 70% more cabbage this week than normal.



6.  And St. Patrick’s Day is just the FOURTH most popular drinking holiday.  The top three are New Year’s, Christmas, and the Fourth of July.



(Wallet Hub)


Mar 16

The 10 Most Stressful Life Events



A new study found the major life events that stress us out the most.  And I’m not sure how “the Internet going down” didn’t make the list.  I will literally kill a man out of frustration if my Internet drops out for anything over three seconds.


But here are the actual 10 most stressful things that can happen to us, according to the study . . .



1.  The death of a spouse, relative, or friend.


2.  Going to jail.


3.  A natural disaster or a fire damaging your house.


4.  Getting diagnosed with a serious illness.


5.  Being fired.


6.  Getting separated or divorced.


7.  Being a victim of identity theft.


8.  Unexpected money problems.


9.  Starting a new job.


10.  Planning a wedding.



And one more note:  A terrorist attack only came in 13th on the list by just a tiny margin over the 14th most stressful life event . . . losing your phone.




Mar 15

The Best and Worst Cities For Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day




St. Patrick’s Day is on Friday, which means it’s not too late to fly somewhere that does the holiday right.  Like Buffalo, New York.  Just try to ignore the KILLER SNOWSTORM. just released a list that ranked the 200 biggest cities in the country from the best to worst place to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.


The rankings are based on factors like parades . . . parties . . . percentage of Irish people living there . . . Irish pubs and restaurants . . . beer prices . . . hotel prices . . . and weather.

And yes, even in spite of that last factor, Buffalo still came out as the best St. Patrick’s Day city in the United States.  The rest of the top 10 are:


Madison, Wisconsin . . . Boston . . . Cedar Rapids, Iowa . . . Worcester, Massachusetts . . . Pittsburgh . . . Akron, Ohio . . . Tampa . . . Philadelphia . . . and Cleveland.

The worst city for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day is Palmdale, California.  The rest of the bottom 10 are:

Santa Ana, California . . . San Bernardino, California . . . Miramar, Florida . . . Lancaster, California . . . Oakland . . . Mesquite, Texas . . . Pomona, California . . . Grand Prairie, Texas . . . and Anaheim, California.




Mar 13

Four Weird Side Effects of Daylight Saving Time




Is Daylight Saving Time worth it?  A lot of people think we should stop doing it, because the pros don’t really outweigh the cons.  Here are four weird side effects of Daylight Saving Time . . .


1.  You’re more likely to have a heart attack.  A recent study found there are 25% more heart attacks today than an average Monday.  And there are also more car crashes.



2.  It’s the worst day of the year to be sentenced for a crime.  A study came out last year that found judges impose harsher sentences right after Daylight Savings.  Possibly because they’re in a bad mood, or just tired from not getting enough sleep.



3.  It’s riskier to do in vitro fertilization right now.  Another recent study found women who do it in March are more likely to suffer a miscarriage.



4.  You’re less likely to get robbed.  Which is the only POSITIVE side effect on the list.  A study in 2015 found there are 7% fewer robberies the day after Daylight Savings.



And there are 27% fewer robberies the NIGHT after Daylight Savings starts.  Probably because the sun sets later, and most robberies happen when it’s dark out.



(CNN / Huffington Post /

Mar 10

The Highest Paying Jobs in America in 2017



The website just released their list of the highest paying jobs in America in 2017, and it sure is lucrative to be a drug dealer.


A legal one, since almost all of the top jobs are medicine and pharmaceutical related.  Although I’m sure the guys doing it illegally are pulling in solid cash too.  Anyway, here are the 10 best-paying jobs, and their average salary . . .


1.  Physician, $188,000.


2.  Pharmacy manager, $149,000.


3.  Patent attorney, $140,000.


4.  Medical science liaison, $133,000.


5.  Pharmacist, $126,000.


6.  Enterprise architect, $113,000.


7.  Physician assistant, $113,000.


8.  App development manager, $112,000.


9.  Research and development manager, $112,000.


10.  Corporate accountant or controller, $111,000.



(PR Newswire


Mar 9

Should Pineapple, Onions, Eggs, and Anchovies Be Pizza Toppings?




There’s been a debate on social media lately about whether pineapple on pizza is delicious . . . or disgusting.


And that debate will probably never be settled.  Because a new survey asked people about different questionable pizza toppings, and after more than 340,000 votes, people were split 50-50 on whether pineapple is a good topping or not.



Here are the results on 10 other controversial pizza toppings . . .



1.  Chicken . . . 71% say it’s good on pizza, 29% say it’s bad.


2.  Onions . . . 67% good, 33% bad.


3.  Mushrooms . . . 62% good, 38% bad.


4.  Spinach . . . 50% good, 50% bad.


5.  Olives . . . 46% good, 54% bad.


6.  Ground beef . . . 44% good, 56% bad.


7.  Sweet corn . . . 22% good, 78% bad.


8.  Fried eggs . . . 17% good, 83% bad.


9.  Anchovies . . . 11% good, 89% bad.


10.  Canned tuna . . . 9% good, 91% bad.